Get Ready for Your Growth Journey!

Excited to begin your 30-day mentorship? You're in the right place!

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This website exclusively serves Soul Liberation Wellness 30-Day Mentorship clients. The portal is where coach-client communication will take place between sessions, as well as how we will keep track of growth assignments, shared resources, and more.

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Clients, read and follow the steps below to ensure that you're ready on the first day of your program!

Step 1: Register for Access

Prior to your mentorship start date, you will receive an email giving you a unique link to the private client portal. You must visit the link and register with your name, email, and password to access your course. Be sure to make note of your login info!

Step 2: Check Your Calendar

By now you've received scheduling emails for live sessions. Double check the dates and times and make sure they're all on your calendar. You will also need to set aside a journal for your upcoming mentorship notes, research, reflections, and more.

Step 3: Prepare Your Energy

Lastly, review the mentorship goals discussed during our consultation and make sure they still feel in alignment with your vision. Spend time in prayerful meditation to open your Self to the guidance you'll be receiving, both professionally and spiritually.

This site is used exclusively for clients participating in the 30-Day Mentorship program. To learn more about Soul Liberation Wellness offerings, please visit


Soul Liberation Wellness is owned and operated by Eternity Philops (she/they/Mx.), a bodaciously Black and queer Transformative Yoga Educator and Life Coach. Centering marginalized populations, Soul Liberation Wellness specializes in teaching transformative holistic healing to Black, POC, and Queer/Trans communities. Soul Liberation Wellness supports those seeking deeper Self transformation and empowerment by exploring conscious union with all dimensions of our divine being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The Soul Liberation experience is unlike any other. Students and clients come in seeking direction and support, and come away with a greater understanding of Self and a clearer path to achieving balanced wholeness. From lessons on how to live a yogic life to meditative sound healing for energy cleansing to therapeutic life coaching for breaking through barriers, Soul Liberation Wellness will help you find your peace, power, and freedom!